Elevate your golf game both on and off the course

Spring Back into Golf Shape: Your Guide to Golf Fitness

Elevate your golf game both on and off the course with Christin Thomson's exclusive fitness guide, "Spring Back into Golf Shape." As a TPI Golf Instructor with a rich background in competitive golf and instruction, Christin understands that being Golf Fit is not just a choice; it's a necessity for unlocking your true potential as a golfer. This comprehensive course is crafted with a passion for helping golfers of all ages and skill levels move better, feel stronger, and avoid injuries, ensuring you can play better golf for the rest of your life.

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Who is this Course For?

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just stepping onto the course, "Spring Back into Golf Shape" is designed for you. Tailored for beginner to intermediate levels, this course focuses on core movements that can be adapted to your personal fitness level. Christin's expertise ensures that golfers young and old can benefit from this program, fostering a foundation for improved performance and longevity on the course.

What is Needed for This Course?

Embark on your golf fitness journey with minimal equipment requirements. "Spring Back into Golf Shape" leverages the equipment found in modern gyms, making it accessible to the majority of golf enthusiasts. Additionally, several exercises can be seamlessly incorporated into your routine at home or on the road using resistance bands, body weight, and physio balls. This versatile fitness guide is not just an investment in your golf game; it's an investment in your overall well-being. Take the first step towards golf fitness mastery for only $49. Start today and witness the transformation in your strength, flexibility, and golf performance.



1-Week Nutritional Meal Plan

Clean out that fridge with a week of healthy meals and snacks aimed at improving your health all around. 

This diet plan provides the guidelines that follow on a day-by-day basis to help you integrate healthy foods into your lifestyle.

Start your path to better nutrition now!


Introducing the ‘Golf Stability Workouts’ course. Designed For Golfers of all Abilities

This short course targets golfers of any skill level and contains three stimulating workouts designed to improve stability, enhance performance on the green.

Access to exercises aimed at different muscle groups that are necessary for stability and power production during your swing is only $24.99 Gradually better your stability through structured workouts which will strengthen you, increase mobility and finetune control of movements.

About The Course


As a golfer, I see the importance of stability in every swing. I developed the ‘Golf Stability Workouts’ course to deal with a core--pun intended!--element of golf that is sometimes neglected. These exercises result from the passion I have to improve a golfer’s general fitness, making sure that you are balanced and strong so as to properly strike at your target.

Why I created this course:

Learn a variety of exercises, from warm-up routines to core, upper, and lower body workouts. Each lesson is carefully structured to help you build stability and strength gradually, providing the foundation for better mobility and control. 

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Golf Stability Workouts



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